As a child I had a strong interest in the natural world that ranged from animals, to astronomy, to rocks and minerals…

Throughout my childhood I collected rocks, minerals, and fossils wherever I could find them and caught snakes and frogs along the way. After high school I joined the US Navy and visited South America and Africa, the two the most mineral rich and reptile rich continents on earth. It was during my last year in the Navy that I decided I would begin a gem and mineral import business once my enlistment ended. In 1990 I reentered civilian life and began a business named Natural Treasures, Inc. out of my Mothers basement importing and wholesaling jewelry, rocks, and minerals to stores and museum gift shops up and down the east coast. At that same time I also discovered reptile shows and the captive breeding of reptiles and soon became a reptile breeder. During the decade of the 90’s I was a Vendor at dozens of gem and mineral shows and a visitor to dozens of reptile shows. In the early 2000’s I owned several jewelry/gift stores and continued building my personal rock, mineral, and now reptile collection. In late 2014 I took over ownership of the Steel City Reptile Expo and having been running it ever since. In early 2019 I created the Pittsburgh Gem Show which has been growing steadily. In 2022 I decided to merge my reptile show with my gem show to form the Rock n’ Reptile Show, the first combination Rock and Reptile Show anywhere!

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